Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government Departments, Local Authorities, NHS Departments & Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Police Authorities, Fire & Rescue Services, etc.

We welcome orders from public sector bodies with payment either by procurement card or on a 30-day account.


Procurement Card
Customers can place orders using a procurement card securely online or by telephoning: 01225 690700.


Orders on a 30-day account
Public sector customers that wish to place an order on a 30-day account and be invoiced can use one of the following three options:

Please e-mail your order with a valid purchase order number or reference name to

Please telephone your order through to us with a valid purchase order number or reference name by calling 01225 690700

Online chat
Use the chat button at the bottom-right of the website to place an order via chat with a valid purchase order number or reference name.

We will arrange to invoice your finance department direct.


We have huge experience of the unique purchasing requirements and mode of operation of public bodies such as the above. We include among our regular customers: schools, colleges, universities, HM Prison Service, NHS Trusts, GP Surgeries, Fire & Rescue Services, BBC, National Crime Squad, Police Departments, Housing Associations, County & Borough Councils, MOD and many more.