There are many reasons why documents should be bound, such as:

  • A presentation left with a customer represents you and your business so needs to be smart and user friendly

  • A well bound document creates a professional image

  • Binding protects a document and makes it easier to use again and again

  • Adding individuality to your presentation

  • Bound documents are easy to store and great for reference



Whether you are using a binder at work or at home, there are countless types of documents which will benefit from being bound...

At work...

  • Customer Presentations
  • Monthly Reports
  • Training Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Instructions
  • Information
  • Frequently used Documents
  • Lists
  • Customer Information


At home...

  • Projects
  • Essays and Dissertations
  • Address Lists
  • Recipes
  • Create your own Photo Album
  • Song Sheets
  • Computer Printouts